Why advertise with us?

SimpangAmpat4u looks forward to being the best local business directory guide in SimpangAmpat, Penang. We offer targeted local business advertising to help you focus on your business location where you’ll find potential customers within a few kilometers, and increase your return on investment.

Advertising options

There are number of exciting advertising options available on SimpangAmpat4u. SimpangAmpat4u Ads can be placed on different page categories, for example a page on Automotive, Food &Beverages, Beauty Care or Education Centers. We offer visibility of your business to influential consumers on a regular basis. The ads can be placed on specified places or category, and are location placements search such as Alma, Batu Kawan or Simpang Ampat.

SimpangAmpat4u local business advertising packages typically range from RM50 to RM200 per month, depending on which category section you like the banner ads to be displayed in.

Advertising Content Banners can be placed:

  • Above the topbar
  • Above the content
  • Above the comments
  • Below the comments

These banners can be linked to your business site or your own business website.

Home page – Above the content

Home page

Sub pages – Above the comments

Sub pages

All these Content Banner advertising cost you only RM50.00/month

We help you to reach the your customers by banners, online promotions, Facebook advertising and monthly newsletters. Please contact us using Contact Us form if you have any questions.

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